Dear Diary…

I’ve decided that blogging is a grownup version of “Dear Diary”…  known the books we all tried to write in on a nightly basis when we were children?  I came across mine not too long ago.  I had a good belly laugh when I opened the lock (had to pick it with a bobby pin), and thumbed through the pages of so long ago…..I’ve come to the conclusion that I was young, stupid, and very naive……actually I’m not much different from then…..other than I am not young!

I can’t for some unknown reason get my thoughts together long enough to write them down in a journal….give me a keyboard, a computer screen, and a file titled “My day to day life” and I can let the letters flow into words……go figure……..

My mind travels at the speed of light and my poor fingers cannot keep up half the time typing out the words….I have to stop, close my eyes, take a deep breath, and let my mind slow down……there is no way I could write that fast, the thoughts that are flowing in my gray matter… my “Dear Diary”, I will tuck you away in some drawer in my dresser, pile some unmentionables on top of you, and forget that I was once a young girl, full of wonderment, trying to make heads or tails out of growing up.  I will spread my words out on a computer screen, click save, and file my thoughts away…….


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