A little Sunshine if you please…….

Every year since I can remember, which for me is the dinosaur era, I have placed on my tree a little bit of sunshine.  Every time I look at it, I smile.  I’m reminded how simple my life was back then.  How simple my parents lives were.

There wasn’t a lot of money in our house so before recycling became the “in” thing to do now, my mom recycled….everything from plastic bread bags, bag ties, butter dishes and of course their lids, to papers and magazines.  She always found something to do with them.

When it came to Christmas decorations, we had the right amount.  We had old, traditional ornaments.  I don’t ever remember my mother buying new ornaments and putting them on the tree.  Christmas lights were another story though.  We  had ice lights, the kind that were round, came in different colors, and looked like a colored ice ball.  Really pretty on the tree.  There were bubble lights.  Lots of bubble lights.  I used to make a bet with myself to see which light would produce bubbles first.

The light strands were different back then, the bulbs were different, too.  They got hot.  Really hot.  I always thought it was from my sunshine light.  It would hang brightly on a branch until one Christmas it didn’t light up.  My ray of sunshine died………….

Instead of throwing it away, mom took it out of the socket, replaced it with another bulb that also got hot which prompted me to believe my sunshine was still alive and was burning brightly inside this other bulb.  Knowing this was my favorite light, she made an ornament out of it.  To this day, it’s still the same.  I’ve never straightened the foil on it, or put new hooks on it.  It looks, although maybe a little more tattered, the same as it did years ago hanging on the tree branch smiling at me.

It’s my favorite ornament.  Always will be.  Every time I look at it, its telling me “a little Sunshine if you please”………….